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Customer service

Technical Support

If you need some technical information before placing an order or technical support for our purchased products, team of engineers is waiting for your question, suggestions and applications of ACTIMAX® converters.

Service procedure

To simplify the procedures connected with customer service we offer you a possibility of making use of below service options.

In the case if Actimax frequency converters is damaged because of faults in workmanship, material or project the Seller is obliged to exchange or regenerate the defective product:

- in the warranty period – free of charge

- after warranty period – in according to terms of the payment

The producer offers three forms of repair (or regeneration) of the product:

1.Service according to General Sale Terms
i.e. Exchange or repair of the product after written notification about its damage and delivery to the producer

2.Exchanges in advance
After written notification of a damage a buyer orders a product identical to the damaged one. Having received a new product or a regenerated one within 7 days from the date of receiving it, the buyer sends to the Seller the defected product to find the cause of the damage. If the Seller finds a latent defect in workmanship, material or project in a warranty period, the Seller covers the repair or exchange costs and a Buyer covers the transport cost. After a warranty period a Buyer covers overall costs. (transport + product + others). After receiving a new or a regenerated converter the costs are reduced by 10% of the converter value.

3.On-site service
After written notification about the converter damage the Seller estimates the date that service will be provided. The Buyer covers overall costs of journey and staying of the service team independently of whether the service was provided in or after a warranty period. The cost of the product repair or exchange is reckoned according to the point 2.

Our Customer Service Department is ready to answer all your inquiries about ACTIMAX® frequency converters and sales conditions. We do all our best so that the purchase of our products will be for you the best investment.