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Flour blending facilities

Actimax inverters have found application in one of the most modern flour blending facilities in Poland. Several classes of flour are stored and blended in more than 50 storage chambers. Over 50 ACTIMAX ACT-B02-20G and ACT-B04-00G inverters are driving augers collecting flour from the chambers. The main purpose of speed control for the augers is to provide the correct speed depending on the type of flour and place of collection in order to ensure continuous flow of flour without clogging the receiving equipment. During system operation the user may change the preset speed of the auger or allow the system to automatically adjust the speed on the basis of previously developed algorithms. Of course it is possible to adjust the speed of each auger in the manual mode (within a certain limited rotational speed range).

The ACTIMAX inverters are located in two of the ten bays of the set of supply and control cabinets (housing 25 inverters in each cubicle) located in the central switch house. The bay with cubicles is fitted with a cooling system based on the GEFIX device manufactured by IP System Control. The auger motors are connected to inverters by means of dedicated shielded line connectors.

The inverters are controlled by means of binary START/STOP signals and analogue 4-20 mA signal for changing the set speed. At the same time binary signals transmitting information about the operational status or failure of each inverter are fed into the system. Signals controlling the inverters are generated in programmable controller ControlLogic by Allen Bradley. Full control of the inverters can be performed from any one of the 4 PCs with the use of implemented visualisation and monitoring application or remotely, via modem, from any location in Poland.