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Technical data

1. ACTIMAX Winner

Power SupplyVoltage/Frequency3-phase 380-415V 50/60 Hz
Fluctuation AllowedVoltage +10%~-15%, frequency ±5%.
ControlControl ModeSpace voltage vector sine wave (SVPWM).
Frequency Control RangeG0-400Hz, factory setting Max. 50Hz
F0-120Hz, factory setting Max. 50Hz
Output Frequency Precision0,01 Hz
Frequency Resolution0.1 Hz - operating keyboards, 0.2 Hz - potentiometer analog input
Torque Boost33 steps can be selected
PWM Carrier Frequency2.0-16kHz.
Max. outputG150% per minute, 180% 6 sec, 200% instant trip.
F120% per minute, 130% 6 sec, 150% instant trip.
Acc/Dcc features0.1-9999 sec
Rated output voltageRated output voltage is equal power voltage.
Braking torque125% with external braking resistor.
Standard FunctionCurrent limit, torque boost, quick start-up, pickup and power failure restart, skip frequency, upper and lower frequency control, carrier frequency adjust, Acc/Dcc time adjust, Acc/Dcc changeable mode, DC brake.
Protection FunctionOver voltage, low voltage, no phase, current limitation over current, over load, electronic thermal relay, overheat, stall due to over voltage, data protection, underload alarm.
RunInput Frequency SettingBuilt-in potentiometer, keyboard, external terminal V2: 0-10V, external terminal I2: 4-20mA/0-20mA
Input feedback signalexternal terminal FV: 0-10V, external terminal FI: 4-20mA/0-20mA
Input designated signalForward, Reverse, free running
External output signalRelay fault signal TA TB TC1A/120V ac,
1A/120VAC,2A/30VDCAuxiliary signal output SPA: 24VDC-50mA (37kW and below)Auxiliary relay output TC1,Tal:1A/120VAC,2A30VDC(45kW and above).�
InterfaceRS-485 (option)
DisplaySettingFunction number, value, works parameters data.
RunningOutput frequency, setting frequency, output current, input current value, motor rotation speed, forward and reverse state.
FaultOver voltage, under voltage, over load, over heat, over voltage stall, current limit, present fault running, history fault.
EnvironmentInstallation placesIndoors, attitude below 1000m, no dust, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight.
Ambient Temperature and moisture-10~+40°C, relative humidity 20%-90-%RH (no frost).
Vibrationbelow 20Hz, below 0.5g
Store temperature-25-+65ºC.
Installation modeWall hooking, for 315KW and upwards standing cabinets
Protection gradeIP20 up to 7,5 kW, IP 10 upwards 7,5 kW.
Cooling modeForced air cooling